Irene Isaacson Photography has created over 150 videos with over half highlighting personal wildlife experiences.

I thought it would be interesting to see what you, the public, most enjoy watching. 

So I have selected the most popular Top Ten YouTube videos. And as you can see, they are all wildlife orientated…


1.  Orangutan Sex – Adults Only:    Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Sanctuary Sabah 

This short video was shot whilst visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary. We were watching the interactions of the older ‘babies’ in their outside play area. Then suddenly things took an interesting turn…

2.  Kevin Richardson’s Black Leopard:    Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa

This is one of our most popular videos. It was created from many photos we managed to take whilst working as volunteers at Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary looking after the leopards. But the music makes it. What do you think?

3Filming In Africa With Kevin Richardson:    Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa

This was on our very first day as volunteers at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary. Caught totally unaware with only our iPhones to use, we were chosen as assistants on this film shoot with Kevin, his lions, and a South American film crew. Wow!

4.  Meet A Baby Honey Badger:    Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre South Africa

As volunteers at Moholoholo, we looked after many of Africa’s wildlife from lions to vultures. But it was this cute little baby honey badger who won everyone’s hearts!

5.  Lions Having Sex – Lions Mating:    Cape Town South Africa

Whilst visiting Drakenstein Lion Park outside of CapeTown, in the middle of our tour around the park, we heard a strange noise.

Yes, they were in the throws of doing it, not just once but again and again! Do these lions think they are bonobo monkeys or what?!

6.  Kevin Richardson, Lion Whisperer Talking About Pink:    Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa

Meeting Kevin Richardson at his Wildlife Sanctuary was a totally unexpected honor. But to be able to work with him and see how down to earth he is with such a cheeky sense of humor. Well, that was awesome!

7.  Feeding Water Mongoose Raw Eggs – Hilarious!:    Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa

Whilst volunteering at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, we stayed in a secure gated enclosure in the middle of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve.

Kevin had once saved a pair of junior water mongooses and it was one of our jobs as volunteers to look after them. Well, you can imagine the fun we had with these playful and mischievous little guys!

8.  Giant Aldabra Tortoises Having Sex:    La Vanille Nature Park Mauritius

I had heard about giant Aldabra tortoises and so whilst on a short visit to Mauritius, I decided to see if I could find any. Well, check out this highlight from my day trip to La Vanille Nature Park (zoo).

Never would I have thought I could walk around, touch, feed, and watch them have sex…Wow!

9.  Big Bird Has Sex On Man’s Head:    Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Park South Africa

One of our many charges as volunteers at Moholoholo Wildlife Sanctuary was Dudu, a large Southern ground hornbill. We regularly fed him and maintained his enclosure. 

One day while Tony was cleaning something off the ground, Dudu became quite curious. He decided to mount Tony’s head…well, you can imagine what happened next…!

10. Feeding A Hungry Black Leopard:    Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa

Being a volunteer in a Big Cat Sanctuary is not as much fun as you may think.  They eat meat. BIG chunks of it. And lots of it. Check out how we feed a very hungry, stunning black leopard. So agile with awesome strength. Amazing!

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