Irene Isaacson 

I am a Global Traveller, Wildlife Enthusiast, Photographer, Videographer, and Digital Multimedia PhotoJournalist.

Along with my partner Tony Isaacson (aka DiveCareDare) we have written and illustrated many articles and media posts on travel, diving, and wildlife.

We are available for photojournalist travel famils of an adventure and wildlife nature, including underwater photography. 

I also offer budget-priced, personal, in-home, photoshoots to Wildlife Carers to capture those wonderful moments and memories whilst rehabilitating orphaned or injured wildlife.

Or if you prefer to take your own photos, I can enhance those for you by post-editing your favorite selection in Lightroom and Photoshop. Bring your photos back to life with my ability to lift dull colors, improve contrast, sharpen blurred images, and remove ‘noise’. I will work with you to give you the results you desire at a realistic price you can afford.

My home is in South East Queensland on the Sunshine Coast.

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