If you haven’t heard of a quokka or ever even seen one, you just have to read our recent posting on Travel2Next.com


We were in Perth WA for four days and for two of those days we just had to visit Rottnest Island. A short ferry trip across the water from Freemantle (or ‘Freo’ as the locals call it) and we were on one of the most idyllic islands I have ever come across. We were blessed with perfect weather which always helps. We cycled around the island and simply enjoyed the views and beautiful bays, as well as visited the Settlement area near the jetty landing.

The most memorable attraction were the quokkas.

I hadn’t really expected to see even one (natural in-built pessimism from having war-based parents!), but was overwhelmed with them. They don’t seem to like being out in the wild, but more enjoy hanging around the ‘human areas’, mainly the little mall in the Settlement just behind the main landing jetty. Or so it seemed!


And as for being nocturnal, well there were quite a few quokkas hanging around the village mall during the day time. Hold on to your food so that the wildlife, especially the quokkas or Australian large crows, don’t run off with it! The quokkas were very sociable and more than happy for us to photograph and video them doing their thing!  Precious moments…

[Words, photos and video editing by Irene Isaacson; GoPro quokka footage by Tony Isaacson]


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