African Dive Adventures is husband and wife affair, run by Roland and Beulah Mauz. Their dive operation has 20 years or so experience, and is run out of Margate, KwaZulu-Natal to dive on Protea Banks on the Hibiscus Coast. They particularly also specialise in the Sardine Run further south on the Wild Coast, out of Coffee Bay.

For those divers wanting to experience diving the north and south pinnacles of the Protea Banks at Shelly Beach, just half an hour north of Margate, African Dive Adventure has its own dive lodge, Diver Villa in Margate.

Margate, South Africa-main beach and town

Margate, Beautiful Seaside Resort Town

Margate is a seaside resort town and the home of the ‘Red Cappucino’ to be found at M&B café on the main beach. A red cappuccino is actually made from Rooibos tea believe it or not, and is a must if you have never had one before, especially to be savoured along with one of their amazing Giant Muffins which is a meal in itself (I had one at 3pm in the afternoon and didn’t eat till breakfast next day!)

M&B Cafe, Margate, South Africa

As for our accommodation, I was certainly not expecting much when someone mentions ‘dive lodge’.  Backpacking standard usually comes to mind. But Roland and Beulah have taken this concept just a few steps up market and boy were we pleasantly surprised. Well, more than that, totally wowed comes to mind!

The African Dive Adventures ‘dive lodge’ or Diver Villa

The Villa is about 5 mins drive from the town of Margate, and a few hundred metres from the Hibiscus Mall, a shopping centre which was very handy to get food and drink supplies.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

It is a superb four bedroom, three bathroom luxury gated property built on a hill with fantastic views of the Indian ocean. The driveway in itself is pretty spectacular and if you have a fear of heights, then close your eyes as hopefully someone else drives you up the slope to the back of the property where the garages are. You wouldn’t want to stall half way up!

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

The style of the property is most unusual, part African, part almost Mexican hacienda, with modern fittings and comfort. You want for nothing. It has it all.

The kitchen has full cooking facilities and equipment to be fully self contained, with a great breakfast bar to congregate around also.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

There are four large bedrooms, three of which are king size, two with massive ensuites, one fitted out with two king size single beds, and two opening out on to the pool area. Each sleeping area had a colour palette of its own, our bedroom and ensuite was burnt orange, but there was also green room and bathroom, and red and blue rooms. Each was adorned with photos of sharks taken by Roland and enlarged as fabulous wall hangings.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

The bathrooms were designed like I have never seen before. The polished concrete floors in the house extend into the bedrooms and bathrooms, and even the bench tops for the sinks are made of moulded polished concrete. Our bathroom was bigger than some of our bedrooms in our house back home! Gorgeous glass sinks, glass block windows and huge showerheads with painted concrete shower enclosures, just amazing.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

There are three separate living areas, giving everyone their own personal space, one lounge with a tv and video player with HDMI connections so you can view any diving videos you may have taken during the day. And don’t let me forget to mention, there is unlimited Wifi availability to allow for pick up of email or blogging on social media sites.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

The pool area is level with the living areas, but there are two other outdoor areas where you can sit and contemplate the great view, one complete with open grated fire and outdoor bar facilities.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

There are many small pathways leading around the property to the two parking areas, and at the bottom of the garden are two spectacular trees, the largest illuminated at night along with the driveway lights.

African Dive Adventures Dive Lodge, Margate, South Africa

Diver Villa is a credit to African Dive Adventures for its design and comfort, and is a must stay to complete an unforgettable Protea Banks experience.

[For more photos see Photos-Surface Interval-Africa-Land]

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